Victoria's Secret 2017: Who says Angels can't be punk?

As the world's most famous show is about to air on TV, Jing Zhang shares the best moments of Victoria's Secret Shanghai 2017 with you. 

It's been a week since Victoria's Secret's first big Asian show – but the TV version is set to air tomorrow. With the Chinese lingerie market currently punching in at around US$25 billion this year, it's no wonder that the American brand set their intentions clear in Shanghai. There was a fair amount of mayhem at the Shanghai Mercedes Benz arena where the likes of Angels Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima strutted their stuff on the runway in extravagant wings and cheeky outfits. Here are our best moments!

Victoria’s Secret 2017 show in Shanghai.

A rock 'n' roll Harry Styles and 'China's Britney'
The musical headliner was Harry Styles, who shimmied this way around the stage expertly in a pale blue suit. Miguel, Yundi and Leslie Odam Junior all put on great performances throughout the show. And then there was the impressive high energy, English language performance from popstar Jane Zhang, China's answer to Britney Spears - who could be set to go global with the exposure that the VS show will provide.   

Who says Angels can't be punk?
Balmain's Oliver Rousteng did a set of collaboration outfits with the brand. The Punk Princess chapter had the Victoria Secret models in bad ass leathers, and covered in spikes and studs - showing that Angels needn't be all sweetness and light. All that red tartan, silver and black provided a rebellious edge to the VS line up.  

Victoria’s Secret 2017 show in Shanghai.

Going Nomadic & Tribal 
By far the most interesting outfits were from the Nomadic section inspired by tribes of South America and Africa. Stunning Masai body jewellery and plumes of feathers from Brazilian tribes were a feast for the eyes. To get around accusations of cultural appropriation that's occasionally plagued the brand when it tried to go 'ethnic', they put these outfits on models of colour – which throws up another interesting issue in the whole dilemma. 

The 2 million US dollar bra
A mix between lingerie and high jewellery, each year eager eyes look out for the most expensive item on the VS runway. This year the gorgeous Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro wore the Champagne Night Fantasy Bra with curved silver wings. Yes she looked sublime, and no, we're not seriously suggesting anyone spend this much on underwear, but this is what the Victoria's Secret show is all about – Fantasy! 

Victoria’s Secret 2017 show in Shanghai.

Ming Xi's runway fall 
Chinese supermodel Ming Xi took a tumble in her high heels as she strutted down the runway. It wasn't even one of those little stumbles, it was a big, long and protracted fall and then attempted recovery. A fellow model ended up helping her up, to loud applause from the crowd. It ended up being a really, really sweet moment. She recovered well, still smiling, and finished her walk with gusto. Xi wrote a heartwarming note on her English and Chinese language social media afterwards thanking everyone for the love and support. Fuzzy feels all around.