Space: The Final Chanel Frontier

The space race was on this morning for Chanel's lunar landing of a show, going where no fashion brand has gone before. Setting the scene (for they are always spectacular chez Chanel): a rocket waiting to lift off. Spoiler alert, it did for the finale. Well now that's the way to end Paris Fashion Week and that's the way to thwart any and all other Insta moments. Karl had it covered.


The Chanel Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear show in Paris (by Valerio Mezzanotti for NOWFASHION)


He also had it covered with a collection that came anchored in retro-futurism: natty Sixties silhouettes for little mini-dresses and black toe-capped glitter boots, worn with everything and putting forward a much more appealing alternative to moon boots.

Everything shimmered and shined - the little tweed suits and sets sprinkled with silver tinsel, later sequin constellations orbiting black eveningwear. There were bags that doubled as muffs and there were those that riffed on planets or were little novelty rockets. When print and motif did make an appearance, it was as the chicest astronaut you'd ever seen. So this is what Chanel’s iconic suit would look like if Karl Lagerfeld ever collaborated with NASA.

There was also menswear on show here - several looks where before there haven't been any. And Lagerfeld championed the man bag among these cream and serene looks. The boots were the upgrade on those cult sling-backs from seasons past (and which everyone is still wearing).

Black and navy was cemented as the colour combination to rock next season. There came a preciousness through magenta and emerald metallics and encrusted hair bands that sat atop bouffant-high hair.


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