Giorgio Armani Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2017 Milan

Conservative elegance took center stage at Giorgio Armani, who opted for 1930’s casual chic. Knickerbockers buttoned at the ankles were paired with easy velvet loafers and casual blazers, topped off with art deco earrings. [CONTINUE READING...]


An urban voyage: A dream captured through dresses that transport you to faraway places. Giorgio Armani makes the mind travel, constructing and reconstructing the female silhouette, transforming the body and making inspirations fluid. “Between Chile and Peru,” the designer explained after the show. Just few words that immediately open the mind, like the colourful fringes that swung from lightweight blouses and the tassels on necklaces. Like the pastoral scenes designed on jackets and the final dress - the grand finale - as the piece merited having the mirrored runway all to itself. Long and filled with soft crystals that became a light, romantic pavé, soft colours like an impressionist canvas. Overall the collection was filled with exotic, artistic colours. Hues out of a Gaugin painting, intense like precious stones. Emerald greens for short jackets and capes, vibrant blue suits. Bright, passionate reds made an appearance on linear coats. And leading the outerwear that has always been the designer’s strength,  like his signature fitted blazers, came double breasted trench coats with an emphasis on the waist. All accompanied by a colourful symphony that revealed plays with trompe-l'œil, starting with a sarong and finishing with a mash up: at the front a pleated black skirt, at the back a pair of red trousers. Or the other way round. How to describe it? “Skirt-pants”, said the designer, marking an inversion of a trend, suspending his normal flux of thought. Elegantly breaking with his well thought out style.

By Stefano Roncato - MFF Magazine for Fashion

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